Back on Track photoshoot with Tilves photography

6 Nov

Todays post is written in English and in an unusual manner for me – almost purely photos this time. There’s only a short commentary about the product itself below the photos. Hope you enjoy the wintery scenes from Finland!

Ps. Today we had some snow, next week the meteorologists promised tens of centimeters!








Back on Track Royal Work Boots

We do quite a lot of dressage with my Finnhorse Aktiivi Cecil Cee, so previously we have already used BoT Therapeutic Exercise Boots. Back on Track products are therefore familiar to me, and my horse Cee is accustomed to the therapeutic impact of the products.

First I was a bit afraid that the white color would not be suitable for our use, since we live in a countryside stable without an indoor ring. But after the first use I was pleasantly surprised. All the coloring from the dirt could be really easily washed away by hand. Since I wash all the boots after use anyway, washing the white ones is no effort for me at all.

When I put on the boots I noticed that the straps almost clicked into place. I already have Royal boots for showjumping, but it seemed as though these straps could be attached even more firmly than the ones for showjumping. So I felt really sure that the boots would stay on.

The boots are sized full in front and large in hind. Maybe the size medium would have been enough for hind legs, but it’s hard to say. The size full is a bit on the small side in the front for a Finnhorse, but nevertheless suitable. Since the straps do stretch a little is use, I think the boots will get even more comfortable during time.

My horse really needs boots for hind legs, but not necessarily for front legs. However, they do look even more spectacular when put on in each leg – don’t they 🙂




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