Equestrian style photoshoot

17 Mar

Last week I had my one hour as a Princess – in front of camera with Tilves photography. ❤ I had so much fun! To all of you that are no longer 25 – use a pro and you’ll enjoy being photographed also.

Here I am. All excited about the photoshoot :))

For the photoshoot I decided to go brown and black. There’s something new and something old, something Back on Track and something not. (Feeling a bit poetic, aren’t I.) So here’s a list of what I had on during the photoshoot…

Helmet: Back on Track EQ3 MIPS -helmet. This is brand new in brown suede. It has been on the market in black and navy earlier and now also in brown. LOVE this helmet! The colour is perfect for me and the fit and style match also. And there’s never too much bling for a girl… And on the plus side, my dressage bun can fit behind the helmet!

Shirt: Back on Track T-shirt Slim Fit. This has been my favourite shirt ever since I got it, about a year ago. So this is old 😉 You can use it under your competition wear, or even as-is when taking part in a riding clinic. The best part is that the fabric breathes (so no excess sweating) and still keeps your shoulders relaxed and warm.

Jacket: Pikeur. I bought this second hand maybe two years ago for 50 euros. Money well spent. The jacket had never been worn, since it was too small for the previous owner. This jacket makes me look quite slim ❤ ❤ There’s nothing high-tech about the jacket but it works well for my competition needs.

Breeches: B Vertigo Olivia Self seat. These breeches are amazing! I’ve had them for about two years now and all the bling is still there. They also were a bargain, I bought them from a showjumping competition at a sale. These breeches are made of good quality fabric that stretches but still keeps it’s form wash after wash.

Gloves: Back on Track Welltex. These gloves I just grabbed with me from home. In real life I use these gloves as undergloves for when I go cross-country skiing or during winter-time under my riding gloves. I have really cold hands and these gloves help me keep them warm. So these are old also 😉

Riding boots: Lami-Cell. I got these for my 40th birthday present. So they are now about four years old. I have already had one zipper fixed and should have the other one done also. Still the actual boots are in good condition, a bit worn yes, but still could be used for a couple of years at least. These boots are sooooooo comfortable!

And by the way, this text is number 200 in my blog! When I started writing, I never thought this could go as far as it has gone. Over four years, tens of thousands of visitors, new friends, new ideas… I have enjoyed this so much and it has been a pleasure to write to all of you out there! Hope you have enjoyed this journey also ❤ There’s still more to come…


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